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PeerWORX Tutoring Program

Description: PeerWORX is a peer-tutoring program developed by Literacy Volunteers of Allegany County, Inc. to assist school districts in achieving academic success. Middle and High school students receive research based training on effective tutoring techniques and assist teachers in reinforcing school curriculum with elementary, middle and high school students in need of academic assistance. The PeerWORX program offers two program types to schools, the service learning (unpaid tutors) and youth employment (paid tutors) programs.

Much more than just a peer tutoring program, PeerWORX promotes positive role modeling and mentoring relationships within schools, utilizing a school's greatest resource: their students.

  • Tutors work with one to two learners per day, one learner at a time
  • Tutoring focuses on completing the daily read and respond requirement and homework
  • Tutors also work on math and language arts skills and school projects
  • Emphasis on the student’s areas of difficulty
  • Interaction with learner’s teachers
  • Increased communication between students, teachers and parents
  • Provides additional support for class teachers in meeting the needs of struggling learners
  • Allows for flexibility in student development
  • Tutors may choose to receive homework help for themselves after tutoring
  • Provide “service learning” experience for high school students through the tutoring of youth
  • Encourage positive social behavior and extend the tutor’s learning beyond the classroom
  • Opportunities for role model and mentoring relationships
  • Increase tutor and learner self-esteem
  • Improve learner’s English language ability

How It Works

  • Any middle or high school student with passing grades and a desire to work with kids can be a Peer tutor
  • Interested students complete a 6 or 12 hour training session held in the fall or spring
  • The tutor is matched with a cooperating teacher during one or more of the tutor’s study halls or the tutor works with learners after school
  • Tutors may receive course credit for their participation

Youth Tutors

  • Are role models
  • Help kids in their school
  • Have a fun after school job
  • Gain job and community service experience
  • Get homework help
  • Complete a 6 or 12 hour training program and work one on one with their learners for half an hour or one hour blocks

Youth Service Learning Program

  • Any student in the Wellsville school District in grades K-12 can participate
  • This includes clubs within the school district. Examples of Community Agencies can include,
    but are not limited to:
      • Girl Scouts
      • Boy Scouts
      • Youth for Christ/Church groups
      • Salvation Army
      • American Red Cross
  • Students earn incentives points for the service they already do.
  • We want to recognize and reward these students for fulfilling their civic duties in their school and community.
  • Volunteering is a great way for our youth to create and build character, and learn responsibility,
    respect, self-esteem, and much more!
  • Students need to earn 40 hours of service and 20 hours of reflection.
  • Reflection can be counted as meeting times, discussion groups, individual journal writing, etc.

For more information on how you can start a PeerWORX tutoring program in your school please contact Becky Brown, Program Manager at (585) 268-5213 or E-mail.