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Literacy Volunteers of Allegany County, Inc. provides several classes and one-to-one tutoring for our adult population in need of assistance in various academic endeavors. For more information concerning adult education opportunities please contact either:

Jeremy Donlon - Adult Program Educator (585) 268-5213 or E-mail

Lori Brown - Adult Program Coordinator (585) 268-5213 or E-mail

One-to-One Tutoring Program

Contact: Jeremy Donlon or Lori Brown

adultphoto_04Serves: Adults 16 years of age or older with minimal reading proficiency

Description: The basic program of Literacy Volunteers. This program provides one-on-one tutoring for adults with low reading abilities (functional literacy to 7th grade). Students must meet in a public place with their tutor, such as a library. Hours, times, and locations are flexible and determined by the tutor and student.

Requirements: Learners must be 16 years or older. Learners must be willing to take initial assessment.

Individuals seeking help for reading. An outside agency seeking information regarding reading help for clients/employees.

ESL Tutoring (English as a Second Language)

Contact: Jeremy Donlon or Lori Brown

adultphoto_01Serves: Individuals seeking to increase English speaking, reading and/or writing proficiency whose primary language is not English.

Description: Offered as one-to-one tutoring or small groups program. Groups
meet on a weekly basis. If an individual desires a one-to-one program, meeting times and locations are determined by our tutor and student. Location must be in public setting (library e.g.).

Requirements: English must not be a primary language for the students. Learners must be seeking to improve their English proficiency in: speaking, writing and reading.

Writing Workshop

Contact: Jeremy Donlon or Lori Brown

Clientele: Individuals who have difficulty with writing and are seeking to improve their overall written communication skills.

Description: A 6 week course offered to improve writing skills. Classes are held at the LVAC office in Belmont NY.

BEST Workshop - (Building Education Skills Together)

Contact: Jeremy Donlon or Lori Brown

Description: Small group setting of young adults, 16 years or older with minimal reading and math skills. This program is designed to improve a students basic education skills in preparation for enrolling into a GED program. The workshop consists of 24, five hour classes. Students will be tested at the beginning and end of the workshop to evaluate improvement. Once the student has achieved a proficiency of ninth grade level work, the learner is then referred to a GED program. BEST classes are offered at least twice a year. All BEST classes are held at the Literacy Volunteers office: 5455 State Route 19 North, Belmont, NY. (Near the Trooper Barracks)

TABE (Testing Adult Basic Education) Refresher Classes

Contact: Jeremy Donlon or Lori Brown
Description: One day refresher class, designed to address the math sections of the TABE test. Classes are offered at least twice a month, and individuals may call to schedule one-to-one sessions. Typical skills covered in class include: multiple step word problems, probability, fractions, decimals, basic geometry/algebra, percents and positive/negative integers. All refresher classes are held at the LVAC office in Belmont, NY.

Requirements: Individuals will have previously taken the TABE Test and are in need of improving their scores for potential employment.

An individual has taken the TABE with Employment and Training in oder to qualify for employment. Their scores fall below the acceptable levels, and now need help to improve their scores. Employment and Training sends a referral to Literacy Volunteers to make contact and offer assistance.

Resume Workshop

Contact: Jeremy Donlon or Lori Brown

Description: Two hour Class offered to small groups or individuals 18 years or older, who are actively seeking employment and wish to create or improve a resume suitable to their needs. Classes are held at the LVAC office in Belmont, NY.

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What LVAC provides

  • Individualized instruction for adults in reading, writing, and speaking English.
  • Comprehensive tutor training workshops for Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language.
  • Tutor support including materials, consultations, and supplemental training.
  • Guidance and support for learners.
  • Adult Advisory Committee composed of tutors and learners.
  • Special family literacy events throughout the community.